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Bob Dylan Infidels Review by Glenn A. Segal

This release is hard to label. From the title one can imagine in vivid detail alternate meanings from this one word. Is he referring to us, the western alliance of Christian and Jews? Or an ideal in the minds of those opposed to the new world order?

From the first observations in ‘Jokerman’ to the plea of ‘Don’t fall apart on me tonight’ these songs entertain, teach and rock in unison. Laying splendid crisp melodies throughout this biblical masterpiece is guitar virtuoso performances by Mark Knopfler and Mick Taylor.

The rhythm section consisted of Sly Dunbar, behind the drums, Robbie Shakespeare on bass guitar. Alan Clarke shares the keyboards duties with Dylan. The musicians on this CD jell in a fluid performance that’s timeless yet topical in the depth of subjects covered are in the forefront of today’s headlines some thirty-two years later.

This release bridged the years and attitudes Dylan expressed on ‘Blood On the Tracks’ a masterpiece from 1975. Tangled up in blue, Idiot Wind and Simple twist of fate, are musical gems that sparkle across the years.

License to kill, Jokerman, Man of peace and Neighborhood Bully represent the early eighties through the eyes of a reluctant prophet. Still adept at telling a story by lyric and measure.

My favorite song, I go back to repeatedly is ‘Neighborhood Bully’. In this anthem Dylan emerges from his ‘Christian Theme’ and embraces his true heritage. Bob describes the situation in the Middle East, and his support for the State of Israel and every Jew on the planet.

‘Union Sundown’ predicts the end of manufacturing in the USA. Dylan sings about the greed inherent in American Corporations and their lack of morals in dealing with citizens of this once proud Republic.

On the track ‘License to Kill’ the modern day ‘Prophet’ examines the violence perpetuated against fellow human beings and the Earth itself in the name of progress.

‘Man of Peace’ Dylan highlights ‘the revelations segment of the bible’ as he describes an anti-Christ larger than life character who manages to fool the righteous folk into believing he has the answers.

In ‘I and I’ Bob argues from a point of view of an omnipresent force and our conscience inner struggle to make sense of our journey By asking a series of pointed questions to this invisible but present source of reverence.

Although this recording is one amongst hundreds of efforts Dylan has released since the early-eighties. This CD has consistently broadened my outlook and allowed me to grasp the big picture.

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