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Pink Flod The Endless River review by Glenn A. Segal

Pink Floyd: The Endless River, Review by Glenn A. Segal

First off! We are all blessed with another gift from these guys. They have created once again an honest assessment in a musical format. There’s a need, big time for positive works of this nature. These are outtakes from sessions conducted twenty years ago.

One of the key components of this band is the late Rick Wright. A master of the keyboards from Pink Floyd’s inception. His tonal passages on piano organ and synthesizer will the stand the course of time and taste. Rick is definitely a champion of modern music.

Fortunately, this offering has an ample serving of instrumentals. The vocals, when present are thought provoking, bending toward a positive outcome. David Gilmore as we would expect, finds new and interesting directions to take us on his personal tour of melodic sequences.

The Floyd serve-up their own brand of spacey, but polished psychedelic blues. This CD has a calming affect it reaches back to late seventies type electronic tapestry. Only without Waters a certain friction is absent.

A Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell were diverse recordings. They both received a level of success. I enjoyed Momentary Lapse’s mood and lyrics. Learning to Fly and the title cut, in themselves were chocked full of that hypnotic yet stinging notes: spraying ears with staccato pellets of complex harmonies. This CD stands next to instant masterpieces Dark Side of the Moon, Wish you were here and Animals. The only element this recording lacks is a common thread woven throughout that has a name and ties the music to one intention.

Endless River will guide your head to some interesting places. You’ll glide down a spout of forbidden knowledge and just when you hear a conclusion the path twists and you’re back where you started. But in listening you have changed. Changed in a subtle but unforgettable way.

Yes, it is difficult to describe why or how Pink Floyd music affects individuals. Yet let there be no doubt that it does. Nick Mason’s atypical percussion delivery is always a revelation. David Gilmore’s haunting slide guitar work is exceptional. Again a fond farewell to Rick Wright a mastermind on Keyboards.

Glenn A. Segal

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