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Birth Name: Augustus Owsley Stanley III

Nickname: Bear

DOB: January 19, 1935 Kentucky

Died March 12. 2011 Queensland Australia

Known as ‘Bear’ This was a true renaissance man who changed the world by manufacturing a far superior product than an established pharmaceutical company working in conjunction with the CIA. His White Lightning, Blue Cheer and Monterey Purple are considered the cleanest LSD ever produced.

Owsley first met the Grateful Dead at an Acid test Ken Keesey helped organize. He knew a great deal about electronic amplification design and took up the task of assembling the Dead’s Equipment. His underlying goal improve the Grateful Dead’s Sound. With this in mind he began to record every note the band played. His tapes represent, what he called a ‘sonic journal’ He learned electronics in the Air Force and worked as a sound engineer for radio stations in t L.A.

In 1963 Owsley attended Berkley where he experienced the wonder that is (LSD). That first trip convinced him to undertake a quest to produce the purest acid in the land. His initial batches were combined in a bathtub near the campus.

At one time Owsley financed the band, allowing them to pursue their music. He provided a place for them to live and practice. Supplied plenty of meat and milk and improved their overall grasp of the undertaking. Without the ‘Bear’ the Dead might have faded into obscurity.

He did time in prison for narcotic charges where he learned metal-work and jewelry design. In the mid-seventies he pursued other colorful vistas. His sudden death did not go unnoticed. From all over the world people who ingested his brew saluted ‘Kid Charlemagne’


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