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The Electric Cool Aid Acid Test

About time I read this psychedelic literary tour de force. I am fascinated by the late sixties San Francisco mind set. The Dead, Airplane, Quicksilver and Big Brother musical ensembles. Ken Keesey, The Merry Pranksters staring Neal Cassady, Wavy Gravy, an enigmatic bus called Further. So yeah, the Acid Tests, held a certain mystique.

Wolfe managed to capture the electricity and pheromones cracking through the crowd of participants. He reported in crisp detail, the sounds of voices, instruments and general calliope filling the spaces. The spectacular antiquated light and smoke performance staged by an eclectic platoon of talented nomads are vividly rendered by the renowned author.

Yes, the prose tend to meander back on themselves and often slow down the pace of his recollections. This is not a breakneck suspense novel. But if you want to get the gist of a youthful counter culture during a time of rediscovery, this story will enlighten.